ICE in Wisconsin, its not all about the weather

Grab your cell phone and program in the most important person to notify in case you are hurt or in an accident. But instead of putting their name with that phone number, put in the following 3 letters: “I.C.E.” This stands for “In Case of Emergency”.

I have verified this information with several emergency room nurses and ambulance paramedics, even the captain of one of our local fire departments. All reported that once a patient is stabilized, they look in the cell phone for an “I.C.E.” entry if that patient is unable to give them a contact person.

The medical personnel can then notify their loved one, let them know there has been an accident and what hospital to come to.

We all like to think it will never happen to us, but the truth is, it does happen. So get your cell phone out right now and program in your “I.C.E.”. If your kids have cell phones, do the same for them.

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