Downsizing? Use these tips to reduce clutter and maximize space.

How to Maximize Your Small Space
By Lindsey Turner, Social Media Intern
Living in a college dorm and then sharing a room in a sorority house has required me to become an expert in downsizing! Whether you’re moving in with roommates, buying a smaller home or living in temporary housing, here are tips that worked for me to reduce clutter and maximize space.
Sort it out. It’s time to confront your junk drawer. You’ll be surprised at how much is actually, well, junk. Toss out anything you don’t use to make room for more important items.
Think seasonal. If your new living arrangements are temporary, don’t bring your whole closet when you only need to prepare for one season. Leave your winter boots and snow gear at home or in storage. Swap out what you need when it’s time.
Go shopping. Clearly you don’t need more stuff, but you’ll be surprised at the clever organization systems available at Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store. A little organization goes a long way to make your space seem uncluttered and larger in size. Just be sure to walk past the “As Seen on TV” aisle as quickly as possible!
Donate or consign. Be honest with yourself: Anything you haven’t worn in the past year has run its course in your wardrobe. If you can’t bear to just give away a prized designer skirt, research local consignment stores you can try selling it to.
Continue the trend. Once you’ve thinned out your closet, you’ll no longer need a full dresser set. Sell or donate the larger piece and hunt for smaller furniture.
Show gratitude. You’ll find a ton of great hidden treasures while packing that might not make sense for your new home. Hand them off to the friends and family who help you move.
Strategize. The point of a walk-in closet is that a human being can actually fit inside unimpeded by falling boxes, shoes or memorabilia. Before you aimlessly shove an item under the bed or in a spare closet corner, find a box to add order to the chaos. And be sure to label it!
You’ll feel so accomplished after finally organizing your home, you’ll be eager to tackle other projects around the house. 

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