Things to Ponder if You’re Thinking DIY

6 Things to Ponder if You’re Thinking DIY
6 Things to Ponder if You’re Thinking DIY
The DIY dilemma: should you call a pro, or try to do the work yourself? After all, it looks so simple on TV and the Internet. Think about this:
1. Time is money.
Doing the labor yourself will undoubtedly be less expensive than the labor costs for a professional, but don’t forget to factor in the value of your precious time.
2. Can you spare the space?
Some projects, like plumbing or flooring, may take entire rooms out of commission for the duration of the work. For example, if you’re re-tiling your bathroom, life’s certainly easier if you have another to use during the project. If not, hiring a pro who will complete the project faster (and cut down on how long you have to shower at the gym), may be a better option.
3. Can you live with imperfection?
Or will the slightly smudged corners on your not-quite-professional paint job drive you nuts?
4. Unfinished DIY symphony.
How’s your follow-through on projects? Do you tend to start with the best intentions only to leave piles of supplies alone for so long they become part of the decor? Be honest with yourself if you think the project may become a permanent item on your to-do list.
5. What’s the worst that can happen?
Demolishing a wall may seem straightforward (and therapeutic), but if that wall’s critical to the building’s structural integrity, or if there’s plumbing or wiring within, it can be a whole other story. Think about the cost (and physical risks) that could come from a mishap.
6. Safety.
Even if you have the time, tools and an idea of how to tackle the job, leave the following projects to a professional: asbestos removal, gas appliance repairs, anything connected to the main electrical line and roofing.
Your Realtor can help you decide which home improvements are worth the investment. Find a RE/MAX agent

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