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Drive Safe with Your Furry Companions
Drive Safe with Your Furry Companions
The drive to your new home can be the ultimate road trip for you and your pet. They probably won’t argue about your choice of music and they also won’t ask “are we there yet?” a million times (at least not in so many words). Still, the open road can present a wide range of dangers to our four-legged friends. Here are some tips to help keep them safe during your travels.
1. Vet check.
Take your pet for a checkup to be sure he or she is healthy enough to travel. If you’re crossing state lines, get an official health certificate to prove they are up to date on all vaccinations. Finally, pick up an extra supply of your pet’s meds, just in case you misplace them among everything else that’s stuffed in the car or U-Haul.
2. Check their ID.
Can you still read the engraving on your pet’s tag? Be sure the information is up-to-date and legible. Double check the information registered with your pet’s microchip.
3. Practice.
Your dog may be used to riding along with you. Your cat, ferret or bunny? Likely not. Take them on short trips before you go so the big journey is less of a shocker.
4. Secure the carrier.
The safest place for a pet in a vehicle is in a crate in the back seat (away from the airbags). Secure it with a seatbelt so it won’t shift during sudden stops or turns. If they’re not used to a carrier, have them spend some “happy time” in it before hand, with treats and toys, so that it will be familiar. Your favorite pet store may also sell seatbelt attachments specifically made for your dog (our feline friends are out of luck).
5. Plan ahead.
Don’t find yourself stranded miles from the nearest pet-friendly hotel. Research and book accommodations ahead of time so you know exactly where your furry friend will be welcome.
6. Save time for roadside attractions.
You’ll need to stop every few hours for bathroom breaks anyway, so you might as well combine rest stops with parks good for strolling or lakes for a dip.
7. Don’t ever leave your pet alone in the car.
Even with the window cracked, temps can soar in moments. Your pet could also be stolen.
8. Bring a buddy.
Driving with another person means you’ll always have someone to help you adhere to tip #7.
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