Are you running to or from?

Life is a marathon… not a sprint.

I was in Chicago the other day and met a young man who was telling a story about his travels to the windy city from Boston.  He was trying to tell everyone that they too could take a long weekend and experience some of the thrills life has to offer. 
During our conversation I found out that he not only travels domestically in the States but also in other countries.  He does this while being a full time student.  When I asked how he was able to fit all of this in he simply replied, “Because I wanted to.”  When you dissect that phrase it can only mean one thing.  You can do anything you feel is important to you.  Nothing is out of reach. You simply need to plan and do.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Well, it is.  We stop ourselves from doing most things in life.

Life is long time until there is no more time.  We need to spend as many of those moments making memories as we can.  I once read a list of items an old woman put on paper while reflecting her life. All of them were items that she wished she would have done.  Many of them were very simple, such as:  eating more ice cream, walking barefoot in the grass, laughing more and the list goes on.  She listed over 20 of those, “Wish I would have done” items.  It was too late for her.  

Don’t let time work against you.  You can do just about anything that you want to do.  If you feel that you cannot afford a hotel in a new city, try youth or elder hostels.  They are scattered all over the country and they afford you to take those weekend trips and enjoy the moment.   Plan for your flight and you can save hundreds of dollars on that ticket.  Or, drive if the destination is close at hand.

The important thing to remember is that we cannot blame any thing or any one later in life if we did not fulfill our dreams.

Don’t find yourself writing a list of I WISH I WOULD HAVE’S when you are older.

Go make a memory.

I am.

Larry Stanul
Residential and Commercial Real Estate Consultant
Associate Broker

                       Re/Max Realty Center in Wisconsin 
                                    357 Wisconsin Ave.
                                Oconomowoc, WI 53066


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