Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Dodge County? Series (#4 of 6)

Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Dodge  County? Series (#4 of 6) 

In this installment of  Lisa Bear, How do I find the right real estate agent in Dodge County? Series (#4 of 6)  we will talk about Dodge County real estate agents specializing in different areas of the real estate Industry. This might seem very interesting to note that I see many Dodge County real estate agents taking on different projects but I also know many that have a certain niche they have developed.Waukesha County commercial real estate There are those that I know which their niches make them strong.
I know some people that work primarily on short sales. It requires a lot of time but because they have it down they make their numbers work. Then again I know agents that do nothing but land development and subdivisions. Again, these agents sell other avenues of real estate but they have a great knowledge of land, planning, and other obstacles that allow them to maneuver quicker through bureaucracy.
I have traveled down just about every avenue in real estate, but for the most part we like the homes because it allows us the interaction with all types of wonderful people, and it is also bread and butter. My strengths are also in Dodge County Investment property and Dodge County multi families, complexes of units and strip malls and commercial buildings, and I always likeWaukesha County real estate agents tom braatz the challenge that goes along with businesses being set up and put into a building that matches the buyers needs. Residential is our bread and butter but commercial is what I sought out to be trained in and have a tendency to dive into and get fully immersed.
I have friends that all they do is leasing. They are great at it. The good thing about some leasing is you may have a buyer down the road, or they write an option to purchase or option of first refusal. The agents that I know that are exclusive leasing agents are extremely good at what they do and I will lease out buildings that I know or do for a buyer to fill his vacancies but that’s where I limit the scope of my leasing.
The avenues are many. I have agents I know that are nothing but buyer agents and do it exclusively. They do an amazing job and they work long hours. Whether an agent works with first time buyers or is a senior specialist they now have a chance to carve a niche in what they have become good at. I have many friends that are attorneys and each has a tendency to specialize in real estate, probate, family law, traffic; they have carved a niche and many of the real estate attorneys I know are involved in the board of Realtors and actively participate in many real estate functions and education.
A true life example is soon to take place and pretty much puts it in perspective. One of my Investors and commercial seller as well as a commercial buyer comes to me and says. “You made me a lot of money on that commercial short sale building you sold me. You have it occupied with tents now and per my six year plan you set up for me we are at the point of buying more property and we still need to complete two more purchases this year. I have some lots that I just had my engineering on and now I am going to hydro seed them and have you move them for me.” What did I say? I thought about it and realized I could sell his home fast, and the Investments and buildings I relish on completing. We need a New Construction expert in Dodge County New Construction. That person hands down is LISA BEAR can complete New Construction in her sleep far better than most when awake. She’s the best at land development and New Construction. In short, ask the Dodge County real estate agent if they have experience in the avenue of real estate you are selling and ask them what their game plan is to accomplish getting you to that successful closing to want and deserve.

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